Syrian Army Utilizing Modern Tanks in War on Terrorism


A media outlet reported on Wednesday that the Syrian Army is using the Russia-made T62-M battle tank in the war on terrorists across the country.

The Arabic-language service of the Russian sputnik news agency reported that the Russian-made T62-M battle tank has recently been modernized and updated, adding that the tank is capable of resisting against anti-tank TOW missiles.

There has yet been no report on any T62-M tank being damaged or destroyed in the war in Syria, it added.

Military experts reported on Saturday that the army recently started using the Russia-made MT-LB armored vehicles for the safe transfer of soldiers to the frontlines in the war-hit country.

The military experts said that MT-LB armored vehicles, manufactured in Russia, could boost the Syrian Army’s strength for a safer dispatch of soldiers to the battlefields.

The MT-LB vehicles were recently been used for transfer of cannons and their crew.

Different weapons could be easily mounted on the MT-LB vehicles.

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