Syrian Army Victories Are Declared by Zionist Blatant Violations


قوات الجيش السوري

It’s 04:00 a.m. Damascus time as the overwhelming progress is constant along the wide front of Aleppo. News of surrender and hardcore collapse of gunmen are being spread as fast as the bullets of victory, accompanied by sudden explosions heard in the military air base southwestern of Mezze district.

It is no longer a mysterious tale. The Zionist entity once again showed his hatred as appeals by the militant groups were load enough to call him to intervene to strike the Syrian army so he may save them in the defeated fronts.

This fact was openly aired by a Zionist media outlet that host Fahd Al-Masri, a spokesman for the so-called “National Salvation Front,” one of the Zionism cantons employed across the world.

“The new Syria will not be hostile to any State or any regional, Arab or international power, and the territory of the Syrian state in any way will neither be a base nor a crossing, nor a training, support or transit station for weapons, extremism or cross-border terrorism,” Masri promised one of the Zionist televisions in a direct message to the Israeli enemy.

When Proxy Fails, Principal Acts

Dr. Nabil Kanna, a political analyst from Damascus, told Al-Manar website that the war on Syria is a scheme made by the Zionists themselves. He linked the war with Wahhabism and the forces of Western arrogance at the same time, proved by that whenever the Syrian army achieves a progress on the frontline, the Zionist enemy wantonly interfered to lift the morals of the armed groups.

“Takfiris who are fighting the Syrian government on the ground are just tools of the Zionist enemy in the Syrian territory,” Kanna stressed, indicating that the same incident was repeated several times, especially lately, when Zionist bombing of Syrian military positions in Quneitra, rural Damascus and Mezze coincided with the army’s victories achieved in Aleppo.

Kanna touched on the direct Zionist intervention in Syria as the entity hosts people counted themselves as “Syrian opposition” living outside the country, including Al-Labwani and his ilk, who gave the entity assurances in case they [opposition] take power in Syria, stressing that the illusions of those people will remain illusions, and will go with the wind as the war on Syria ends and the country achieves victory.

Syria Will Triumph and That’s It!

The political analyst stressed in his interview with Al-Manar website that the war has reached its ends and the Western-Zionist- US-takfiri project in the region has doomed to failure.

“Therefore, this fiasco called upon the Zionist direct intervention in several areas and in several stages, as if the owners of this failed project are scrambling with their last end,” he elaborated.

In his words on Syria’s victory, Kanna compared Aleppo to Stalingrad when the Russians defeated the Nazist threat and saved the world, underlying that when Syrian army and allies are defending Syria, they are defending the whole world against the threat of terrorism.

In fact, it seems there is need to declare any victory made by the Syrian army in its war on terrorism, because the Zionist anger alone is enough to inform the world that the Syrian army and its allied forces are making consecutive successes in significant fronts, crushing the “Islamitized” tools of the Zionist entity in the region.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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