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Syrian Army’s offensive in Idlib will be a complicated operation: expert

Hisham Jaber, head of the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies, said that a military operation to take Idlib can only be done now in coordination with Turkey and Russia.

According to Jaber, the reason for this coordination between Turkey and Russia is due to difficulty of the operation

Jaber made the remarks in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s statements that the liberation of Idlib with military action will not take much time, but the authorities first plan to give civilians a chance to leave the area, pointing out that this is happening now.

Jaber said in a statement to Radio Sputnik that the countdown to large-scale military action in Idlib has not yet begun because Syria’s military operation is not possible at the present time.

While he said the Syrian Army’s preparations are done, Jaber explained that the military operation to take Idlib is a complicated process because there are more than 25,000 battle-hardened jihadists that Turkey does not want to take in.

Lastly, Idlib’s rough terrain will prove to be a major challenge for the Syrian Army, as the further north you push in the governorate, the more mountainous and rugged the geography gets.

The Syrian Army in the coming weeks is expected to kickoff this long-awaited operation, as they look to clear all of northwestern Syria by the end of 2020.

Source: AMN

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