Syrian Army’s Precision Airstrikes Catch ISIL Off Guard in East Aleppo



ISIL positions in Eastern Aleppo countryside came under blitzkrieg by the Syria air force, reports said on Thursday, adding that the bombings were staged in 30 sorties of flights over the militant-held regions near Kuweires Military Airport.

Reports from Aleppo said the Syrian fighter jets conducted over 30 airstrikes on ISIL positions in Deir Hafer Plains.

Sources said similar intense bombings of ISIL-held areas in Eastern Aleppo have been underway for the last several days, but the Thursday air offensives “proved extremely effective for the Syrian Army as they helped the ground troops advance towards the besieged Kuweires Military Airport”.

Local sources told FNA that large groups of terrorists were killed on Thursday and a major part of the military hardware, including vehicles and artilleries, that was used by the terrorist group to storm the Kuweires Military Airport was destroyed in the large-scale air offensives.

On Wednesday, Syrian warplanes struck multiple ISIL positions with precision targeting ammunition in a region near Al-Judaydeh village and the Kuweires Military Barracks to the West of the airport.

The Syrian Army started massive operations in mid September to push back the ISIL Takfiri terrorists from the nearby areas of Kuweires airbase in the Southern territories of Aleppo province.

The Syrian army, in cooperation with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Al-Ba’ath Battalion, launched the offensive from Southeast Aleppo and in two directions in a move to lift the ISIL two-year-long siege on the Kuweires airbase.

The army targeted the terrorist group in the Jabboul Lake front and the town of ‘Ayn Sabil to spread out the ISIL fighters in the Deir Hafer Plain.

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