Syrian capital hosts conference on reconciliation efforts


Syrian ministry of national reconciliation has hosted the annual meeting for the Committee of national reconciliation which is responsible for making success reconciliation deals in conflict areas. Minister Ali Haidar inaugurated the conference saying only Syrians will be able to put an end to their suffering. He also addressed members of the committee and underlined the significance of their work for reaching a peaceful solution.

Members of the committee are volunteers who come from all across the country. Their work is based on bringing both Syrian armed groups and the Syrian government to one table for reaching an agreement that ends fighting and restores normal life in areas of tension. The meeting aimed to evaluate their work in 2014 and set a roadmap for 2015.

During the crisis, many reconciliation deals were reached in various parts of the country like Barzeh, al-Qadam, Babilah Beit Sahem and many other areas where fighting stopped and normal life returned, sparing many areas bloodshed and destruction.

Nevertheless, not only Syrian armed men are on the ground, as the majority of the foreign-backed militants in Syria are Takfiri terrorists serving foreign agendas.

The Syrian government’s strategy for ending the unrest has been based on fighting terrorism and reaching a comprehensive national reconciliation among Syrians. According to minister Ali Haifdar, efforts will continue to establish reconciliation deals in all areas where armed groups are present, reflecting the Syrian governments conviction that only a peaceful solution would end the Syrian unrest.

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