Syrian Citizens in Homs Condemn AL Decisions, Voicing Support to Comprehensive Reform Process

Huge masses of Syrian Citizens flocked to al-Raqameh village in Homs Province to express denunciation of the Arab League’s decisions against Syria.

Participants in the rally expressed rejection of the Foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs, support to the independent national decision and the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Mass rally in Homs in condemnation of AL decisions against Syria

Thousands of people staged a mass rally on Monday in al-Raqama town in Homs province in rejection of foreign interference attempts and in condemnation of the Arab League decisions against Syria.

The people waved a 500-meter-long national flag and placards stressing national unity against the conspiracy, chanting slogans rejecting all forms of provocation and media misleading.

They stressed that Syria will remain the homeland of steadfastness and resistance, immune to all conspiracies, pointing out that their participation stems from their sense of responsibility to their homeland.

The participants added that they support the comprehensive reform program under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and appreciate the stances of Russia and China in support of Syria.

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