Syrian Deputy Minister: Saudi Officials Need Psychotherapy



Syrian Deputy Economy Minister Hayan Salman lashed out at the Riyadh government officials for interfering in his country’s internal affairs, and said that the Saudi officials have psychological problems and need intensive medical care.

“The Saudis are not living at the present time and they also want to take Syria back to the middle ages; Saudi officials need psychotherapy before advising others on what to do,” Salman told FNA on Tuesday.

He said that the Al Saud family supposes that they can buy the people of the world with their petrodollars, but they have forgotten that they can only build palaces with their money and not humanity.

In September, Prominent Syrian analyst Qassem Hadraj underlined that Saudi Arabia and Qatar which still continue their financial and logistical support for the terrorists cannot take part in the international talks on Syria.

On different occasions, Saudi officials have criticized other countries for interfering in Syria’s internal affairs while the Riyadh government is still supporting the Takfiri terrorists in Syria.

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