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Syrian, Iranian forces opened fire on enemy aircraft over Albukamal

The Syrian and Iranian forces fired back at the enemy aircraft that attacked their troops in the Albukamal countryside last night, a military source in Damascus told Al-Masdar News.

According to the source, the Syrian and Iranian forces attempted to engage the enemy warplane with anti-aircraft fire after it was spotted and bombing their troops in the northeastern countryside of Albukamal.

The source said this response from the Iranian and Syrian forces was the first time that they have engaged an enemy aircraft in eastern Syria.

This response by the Syrian and Iranian forces shows that they have increased their security measures in eastern Syria,

With the recent announcement from Iraq about reopening the Al-Qa’im crossing, the Syrian Armed Forces will have to increase their security measures in eastern Syria because this will be a major roadway linking both countries.

This new crossing point will no doubt be monitored closely by Israel, as Syria will be officially linked to Tehran via a roadway in Iraq for the first time in years.

Source: AMN

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