Syrian Military Sources Reject Attack on Abu Zohour Airport in Idlib


Syrian military sources rejected the western media reports that the foreign-backed militant groups have launched an attack on a strategic military airport in Idlib province in the Northwestern parts of the country.
The western media on Monday reported that the Takfiri terrorists had attacked Abu Zohour military airport in Idlib province.

“The news by some western media sources that the terrorist groups had attacked Abu Zohour airport in Idlib is not true and calm prevails in the surrounding areas of the airport,” a Syrian military source told FNA on Monday.

The source noted that the army has maintained full security at the airport and its surrounding areas.

Earlier today, the rebels suffered heavy losses in al-Sermaniyeh, Qastoun and Bsames in Idlib countryside, when the army intensified its attacks on the area.

Earlier this year, the Syrian army regained full control over the Abu Zohour airport by destroying the militants’ positions in there and its surrounding areas.

The army units hit several gathering centers of the armed rebels in Masaken Al-Mohateh near Abu Zohour airport.

The army killed tens of militants and injured dozens more in heavy clashes around Abu Zohour Airport.

The Syrian Army and government have defended their country against insurgents since 2011 when a huge number of foreign terrorists flocked to the Middle-Eastern country.

In spite of certain western states’ military and financial supports for militants, the Syrian troops have been able to push them back from many areas across the country, and based on military observers the fall of militancy in Syria is not far.

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