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Syrian Military Stages Retaliatory Attack against Turkish Forces

The Syrian military attacked Turkish positions inside Syria following two bouts of airstrikes by Turkey that targeted different locations across the Arab country.

The Syrian armed forces launched a retaliatory attack on Tuesday, causing material and human losses at some Turkish military sites inside the Arab country, according to Syrian state media.

The army also targeted some armed groups’ positions and destroyed their training facilities.

The retaliation came after a Turkish airstrike near the western city of Aleppo killed at least three Syrian soldiers and injured six others.

Syria’s state television specified the target of the Turkish blitz as “military positions,” saying the Turkish warplanes had struck the target between 14:37 p.m. and 15:00 p.m. local time (11:37 and 12:00 GMT).

The developments come as the Turkish military has stepped up its attacks on Syrian border areas in recent days.

Earlier in the day, a Turkish aerial offensive had claimed the lives of at least 11 people in the war-torn country’s Kurdish-majority north.

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