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Syrian military’s new radar system shows positive results

The Syrian military’s Chinese-made radar systems are showing positive results, given their recent success in helping confront the Israeli Air Force strikes in the country, China’s Sina News Agency reported.

“According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Syrian air defense systems have intercepted several rockets launched by Israel over Palmyra,” the publication began, alluding to the Israeli airstrikes on April 21.

The news agency, however, was quick to slam the Russian-made air defense systems, claiming that they have proven ‘backward’ when confronting hostile targets.

“Currently, most of the weapons in the Syrian Armed Forces, including air defense missiles, are produced in Russia. The Syrian air defense forces, armed with Russian-made air defense systems, are backward, including this also applies to such air defense systems as the S-300 and the Pantsir-S1 – they had no real success. Others, including the S-125, Osa, and Game air defense missiles, are even more backward,” the news agency stated.

The Sina report claims that since the Syrian air defense units began using the Chinese radar, in particular, the JY-27, they have experienced positive results in the field.

“But due to the fact that the Syrian air defense system uses radars made in China, there are results. Syria previously received a number of Chinese-made radars, including at least the JY-27 long-range radar,- reports with reference to sources in the Syrian army,” they said.

“Using the Chinese anti-stealth radar to identify the target and then launch the S-300 missiles, Israeli attacks could be successfully repelled,” the publication added.

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