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Syrian Ministry of Defense announces several soldiers killed in terrorist attack

The Syrian Ministry of Defense announced that a number of its soldiers had been killed in an armed attack on Syrian army positions in Hama countryside.

In the words of a military source, the Syrian defense issued a statement saying that “armed terrorist groups led by Hurras Al-Deen “and the Turkestan Islamic Party began to infiltrate before yesterday afternoon at one of the military points in the village (Al-Tanjara) in the northern Al-Ghaab area, and targeted the point with a barrage of mortars and heavy and medium machine gun fire with great intensity, which prompted the elements of the point to evacuate them to reduce the loss of lives. ”

“Immediately, the necessary measures were taken to start the counter-attacks that continued until dawn, as our fighters managed to restore the point and restore the situation to what it was after the attackers inflicted heavy casualties and equipment,” the statement said.

In its statement, the Syrian defense said, “The violent clashes resulted in the death of a number of martyrs and the injury of others.”

The Syrian defense denied the authenticity of the names of the dead victims on social media, saying that “all the names that are being circulated are incorrect, and there is no name from the owners of the point where the clashes occurred.”

A field commander stated on Sunday, “The killing of 26 Syrian army soldiers and the injury of others in an attack by the Hurras Al-Deen organization affiliated with the al-Nusra Front,   on Syrian army positions in the village of al-Tanjara in Sahel al-Ghab in the northwestern Hama countryside.”

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