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Syrian Ministry of Defense warns of fake army pages spreading false news

The Syrian Ministry of Defense denied what was being circulated on websites, channels and pages about recent events in Syria.

In particular, the Ministry of Defense highlighted the false reports from fake Syrian Arab Army (SAA) pages about the Quds Force commander, Brigadier General Ismail Ghaani, being killed in an Israeli airstrike over southeast Damascus a few days ago.

The Ministry of Defense described this claim, along with the fake reports about the assassination of Syrian intelligence chief, Ali Mamlouk, as suspicious and said that these pages are spreading fake news on behalf of the Syrian Arab Army.

The ministry said in a notice published on its Facebook page that there are some suspicious websites, channels and pages on social media that impersonate the name of the Syrian Arab Army and publish false news from time to time in its name.

“Pages, websites, and channels on social media bearing the name ‘The Syrian Arab Army’ published news a few days ago that talked about the strikes on the capital, Damascus, in which they mentioned that the army said that a number of high-ranking security figures had been killed in the targeting, and they mentioned among them the head of the security office, Ali Mamlouk, and commander of the Quds Force, Ismail Ghaani. They published a photo from the archive of the funeral of a soldier in front of a hospital, to say it belongs to Mamlouk, and in the Al-Bahsa area,” the Ministry said.

Source: AMN

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