Syrian nation does not tolerate foreign intervention: Jalili

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili says the Syrian nation does not allow foreigners to determine its destiny.

“The Syrian nation has shown over the past years that it does not allow foreigners control the affairs in this country and determine their destiny,” Jalili said in a meeting with Syrian Oil Minister Said Hanidi in Tehran on Wednesday.

He noted that the national resistance in Syria over the past two years has made the hegemonic system and foreign countries realize that the only option for resolving the [existing] issues in Syria is to return to national dialogue in this country.

Jalili also emphasized the Islamic Republic’s support for the Syrian nation’s resistance against foreign plots, saying that national dialogue attended by different groups of people is the best and most effective solution to crisis in Syria as foreign intervention will only fuel the flames of war in the Arab state.

Hanidi, for his part, thanked the Iranian nation and government for supporting the Syrian resistance, saying Damascus is doing its best to establish stability and security for all Syrian people and prevent foreign intervention in the country’s affairs.

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