Syrian Parliament Speaker: Arab League relinquished Palestinian cause

120315_mainimgSpeaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham stressed the importance of confronting the fragmentation projects targeting the Arab nation as ”the Arab League has turned into a tool used by the Gulf states in service of outside agendas.”

Meeting on Sunday the Algerian popular delegation comprising political, academic and scientific figures currently visiting Syria, al-Laham underscored the depth of historical relations between Syria and Algeria and their long history of struggle against the French colonialism.

”The Syrians are facing organized international terrorism by armed terrorists groups backed by the US administration, the West and the reactionary Arab states,” the speaker pointed out.

“The AL has forfeited the Palestinian cause and turned a blind eye to the persecution of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces, turning into a tool supporting terrorists and inviting foreign military intervention in Syria,” Al-Laham said.

He added that the political program for solving the crisis in Syria is a safe exit route as it embodies the aspirations of the Syrian people and emphasizes the participation of all parties and national forces in the comprehensive national dialogue, including the national opposition which rejects violence and foreign interference.

Al-Laham highlighted the role of the People’s Assembly in launching national dialogue, bringing viewpoints closer and achieving national reconciliation among the Syrians.

He urged vitalizing cooperation between the People’s Assembly and the Algerian Parliament for unifying their stances in the common interests of Syria and Algeria, stressing the need to acquaint the delegation with the facts on the ground so as to convey the true image to the Algerian people.

Head of the delegation, Abdul-Majid Hamedi affirmed the Algerian people’s solidarity with the Syrians against the conspiracy targeting Syria’s role.

He added that the fatwas of instigation against the Syrian people are the same one that targeted the Algerians in the 1990s, affirming that Syria would emerge stronger from the ordeal.

The delegation members said the fall of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt proves that the true nature of the regimes who conspire against the Arab nation has been exposed, adding that the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ brought nothing but killing and destruction to the Arab nation.

Haidar : Syria seeks to benefit from Algeria’s experience in national reconciliation

Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Dr. Ali Haidar stressed that the national reconciliation is the final goal of the political program to solve the crisis in Syria, pointing out that the Ministry made considerable steps to handle the files of the arrested, abducted and gunmen who want to turn themselves in to authorities.

Meeting Algerian popular delegation comprising a number of political, academic and scientific figures, Minister Haidar stressed the need to take advantage of Algerian experience in national reconciliation, calling on Algeria to assume its role on the Arab and international arenas for foiling the conspiracy targeting Syria and its resistance role.

Haidar affirmed that the Syrian’s culture is not Takfiri or exclusionist, adding that there is no sectarianism in Syria.

For their part, the delegation members stressed solidarity and support of Algerian people to the Syrian people in facing the conspiracy, affirming that the defense of Syria is a defense of Algeria’s national security, voicing their confidence in the victory of Syria over the extremism and terrorism forces which use religion for political purposes.

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