Syrian Planes Drop “Surrender Now” Leaflets over Militants in Homs



The Syrian air force dropped leaflets reading “Surrender Now” over the militant groups across the Central province of Homs on Thursday to give the Takfiri terrorists a last chance to lay down their arms and surrender to the authorities.

The Syrian aircrafts dropped thousands of leaflets over the terrorist groups’ strongholds in different towns and villages of Homs province reading “surrender now; you have nowhere to go”.

The leaflets were dropped after the Syrian Army aircraft carried out several combat sorties over ISIL strongholds in the Eastern part of Homs province, including the surroundings of the recently-liberated city of Palmyra (Tadmur) and inflicted major losses on the terrorists.

The ISIL strongholds in the Southern and Northern sides of al-Shindakhiyeh and al-Sawanaa in the Eastern part of Homs province were heavily bombed by the Syrian air fleets on Wednesday.

The Syrian jets also hit the ISIL convoy of vehicles in the Northern and Southern sides of Palmyra, which ended in the destruction of several vehicles, including machinegun-equipped ones, and the killing or wounding of tens of the terrorists.

Reports said yesterday that the Syrian Armed Forces’ rapid offensives on ISIL centers near Palmyra forced the terrorist group to pull its forces back from two more strategic heights in the region.

The ISIL retreated from its strongholds near the height of 806.5 in the Southwestern side of al-Mazar Hill in the Northern side of Palmyra under the heavy attacks of the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces.

The height 806.5 and al-Mazar Hill are now under full control of the Syrian government forces.

The army also won back several warehouses of vehicles and confiscated a large volume of ammunition and weapons North of Palmyra.

The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.

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