Syrian PM: Iran-Syria cooperation strengthens axis of resistance



Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi in a meeting with Iran’s parliamentary delegation in Damascus on Sunday underlined the importance of Syria-Iran cooperation for strengthening the axis of resistance.

‘The all-out cooperation between Iran and Syria has strengthened the axis of resitance against the US-Zionist plots for the region,’ al-Halqi said.

The Syrian prime minister reiterated that Iran-Syria bilateral relations plays an important role in strengthening and boosting the capabilities of the Syrian nation and resistance and confronting the negative impacts of the economic sanctions.

Head of Iranian parliamentary delegation Amir Khojasteh, for his part, underlined Iran’s support for the Syrian nation and leaders in the fight against terrorism.

‘I am assured that the Syrians will defeat the enemies and their country will be reconstructed without foreign interferences,’ Khojasteh said.

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