Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: Expect everything’ if US attacks Syria

Expect everything' if US attacks Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned of massive retaliation if the United States launches a military strike against his country.

Assad told CBS Television on Monday that Washington should “expect everything” if US forces attack his country.

Assad said “You’re going to pay the price if you’re not wise. There are going to be repercussions,”, adding “It’s an area where everything is on the brink of explosion. You have to expect everything.”

Assad also stated that in the case of a US attack, the Syrian government will not be the sole party to respond.
Assad added “You should expect everything…. The government’s not the only player in this region. You have different parties, different factions, different ideologies. You have everything in this decision now.”
The Syrian president also said any strike on Syria will provide direct support for al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups operating in the country.
He denied allegations that the Syrian government was responsible for a deadly chemical attack near Damascus on August 21, over which Washington is calling for military action against Damascus.

Assad added “There has been no evidence that I used chemical weapons against my own people.”

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