Syrian President dismisses Prime Minister, assigns replacement

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad issued Decree No. 143 of 2020, to dismiss Prime Minister Imad Muhammad Deeb Khamis from his position, and to assign Hussein Arnous to replace him.

President Al-Assad assigned Hussein Arnous the functions of the Prime Minister in addition to his duties as Minister of Water Resources, and the government will continue its work until the election of a new cabinet, according to the SANA news agency .

The Presidency of the Syrian Republic published on its Facebook account that “President al-Assad issued a decree that relieved Khamis of his duties under the leadership of the Syrian government and appointed Arnous in his stead.”

In another decree, “President al-Assad announced that Arnous had been assigned the functions of prime minister in addition to his duties, provided that the government would continue its work until the election of the new people’s assembly.”

On May 7, President al-Assad announced the postponement of the legislative elections until July 19 due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

It is noteworthy to point out that Khamis has held the position of Prime Minister of Syria since July 3, 2016.

Syria is suffering from an economic crisis as the value of the currency has fallen to record levels in the past few days.

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