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Syrian President responds to question about whether he felt between life and death during war

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in response to a question about whether he had felt that he was between life and death during the war, said that the threat was severe for anyone inside the country prior to 2018.

In an interview with the Russian Zvezda TV, Assad said in response to a question about whether he had thought at any time during all the horrors of the war in Syria that he was between life and death

“If you came to Damascus before 2018, for example, we were sitting in this place and shells fell around us from time to time .. The probability of death for any citizen, for anyone moving on foot, by bus, in car, going to work, to any place that could be surprised by a shell that could lead to injury or death. That was a possibility that existed during the war.”

Assad said, “But I think that a person by nature copes with this situation. In any country and anywhere in the world a person adapts to the circumstances. So life continued in Damascus, and I personally used to go to work daily, I did not stop at any time and under Missiles, there was no other option.

He continued, “A person cannot hide, otherwise the terrorists have achieved their goals. The strength is that life has continued, so I do not think that with time you think about this thing, it becomes something perhaps in the subconscious mind but not part of your daily thinking, it becomes something you get used to.”

He added, “This terrorism has struck us since the fifties and recently, and with each stage it comes, it has developed its methods. In the fifties, it was creating a kind of chaos, but it was not armed. In the sixties it started to turn towards weapons. In the seventies and eighties it became organized, and now this terrorism itself has tactics, and has political support, and countries and major banks are standing behind it.”

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