Syrian security forces carry out big operation in southern Syria

Syria’s Internal Security Forces and the competent authorities carried out a security operation in the city of Salkhad in the Al-Sweida Governorate of southern Syria.

Quoting an official from the ISF, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported that the purpose of the operation was to “end the security chaos” there.

SANA stated that the operation “resulted in the arrest of a number of outlaws who are wanted for murder, kidnapping, robbery, and confiscating quantities of weapons and ammunition they were in possession of,” and said that the operation was carried out with the participation of the people in addition to the security and police services.

The agency quoted a source in the Sweida Police Command as saying that the operation “resulted in the surrender of a number of the wanted persons themselves under pressure from the people.”

Prior to this operation, the Al-Sweida Governorate experienced a state of tension after a conflict between two armed factions in which light and medium weapons were used.

The neutral Sweida 24 News Network said that “security-backed groups attacked the house of a member of an armed faction who had escaped from the city with members of his group.”

They explained that the attackers used RPGs, which led to the burning of the house of Nawras Al-Eid, who was from the “Sheikh Al-Karama Forces”, a group that opposes the Syrian government, and stated that “he had left his house hours ago.”

The website stated that the campaign was led by Mahran Obaid, who described it as “the leader of an armed group that participated in the kidnappings of civilians in previous years, and incidents of security chaos.”

On Thursday, armed men from the Obaid faction targeted a car belonging to the “Sheikh Al-Karama Forces”, killing 3 inside it instantly.

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