Syrian security forces prevent triple-bombing terrorist attack in Hama


Syrian security forces operating in the city of Hama prevented a triple-bombing terrorist attack when they arrested three men carrying bags with explosive belts inside. The successful arrest of the would-be attackers was the result of long observation and intelligence gathering by government spies.

According to sources, Syrian authorities managed to arrest the the three would-be suicide bombers when they were traveling on foot near al-Arba’een roundabout in Hama city yesterday evening. The three terrorists had traveled from the countryside around Hama and come into the city in order to carry out their attack.

No civilians or security authorities were killed or injured during the arrest of the terrorists.

One source clarified that the three terrorists were carrying belt explosives ready to detonate but were not wearing them at the time they were arrested. The attacks had been planned by the terrorists for this morning.

Al-Masdar News could not gather any information on what areas the terrorists planned to attack.

It is believed that the capturing of these men alive will lead Syrian authorities to uncover many other sleeper cells throughout the city.

Overall, the anti-terrorism sting represents a great success in comparison to previous failures by Syrian authorities to detect and detain terrorists planning suicide attacks. An example of this can be found from just two weeks ago, when a suicide bomber deto

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