Syrian troops kill 20+ terrorists in northern Hama

A military source from the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) elite 4th Armored Division provided details into the latter’s ambush of rebel fighters in northern Hama last night. 

Speaking to Al-Masdar from the Hama Governorate, the military source said that the 4th Division’s Special Mission Forces were tasked with sneaking behind the rebel lines in northern Hama and eliminating a group of fighters that were responsible for several attacks in the past.

The Special Mission Forces managed to slip behind the lines of the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Jaysh Al-‘Izza faction, making their way to the group’s camp on Thursday night.

Once they were in position, the Special Mission Forces opened fire on the Jaysh Al-‘Izza fighters, killing at least ten of them instantly.

A fierce battle would ensue for a short period of tiime between Jaysh Al-Izza and the Special Mission Forces; this resulted in the death of 4 soldiers and 21 rebel fighters (2 commanders).

Furthermore, over 25 fighters were wounded and two other members of Jaysh Al-‘Izza surrendered themselves to the Syrian Arab Army; they were later moved back across the government’s lines.

The Special Mission Forces completed the ambush on Friday morning and safely made it back to their lines before Jaysh Al-‘Izza reinforcements could arrive.

This latest attack is considered the Syrian Army’s deadliest assault against the rebel forces in the last six months.

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