Syrians begin re-populating the Euphrates valley, including Abu Kamal city


Internally displaced Syrians who originate from the middle Euphrates valley region have begun to return to their homes under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitaries.

Opposition sources report that the Damascus government is allowing internally displaced Syrian civilians to return to their homes across the various cities, towns and villages that span the western side (controlled by pro-government forces) of the middle Euphrates valley region.

Reports clarify that civilians have been returned to the city of Abu Kamal as well as the towns and villages of as-Sukkariyah, al-Hamdan, Al-Hiri and as-Suwayyah. Numbers have not been specified and will probably not be until reported by government sources.

The rapid spread of ISIS across the Euphrates in 2014 and years of rebel insurgency against the Syrian Army and allied paramilitary groups prior to that event has seen a massive depopulation of the region as civilians fled west towards the heartland of government-held territory seeking refuge.

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