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Syrians in Geneva commemorate Independence Day

20140413-091053_h538646Union of the Syrian Expatriates in Europe, in cooperation with the Syrian community in Switzerland commemorated Saturday Syria’s Independence Day.

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, Dr. Fayssal al-Hamwi, members of the diplomatic mission in Geneva and several cultural and social figures attended the ceremony.

Al-Hamwi highlighted in a speech Syria’s role in the freedom movements in the region and the role of the Syrian army in defending Syria.

The Union presented a briefing on the Independence Day and the meanings it symbolizes in the lives of the Syrian people, indicating that resistance is deeply ingrained in the Syrian people, leadership and army. The participants expressed support to the Syrian leadership, people and army, voicing pride in their homeland’s steadfastness in a 3-year war against terrorism.

They called on the whole world to support the Syrian army which is waging war against terrorism that has brought woes and wreaked havoc around the world, expressing confidence in the army’s ability to eliminate terrorism as Syria succeeded in gaining its independence before.

The people who were present at the commemoration ceremony stressed support to the Syrian leadership, people and the army, expressing pride in the principles of steadfastness of this national trinity which has confronted a fierce war for three years so far launched by the petrodollar- funded terrorism.

They asserted that the Syrian Arab Army has to defend Syria, the region and the world against terrorism and oppression, underscoring the necessity for the whole world to stand by the Syrian army in face of the terrorism which has come to Syria from over 84 countries across the world.

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