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Syrians Protest against US-Backed QSD Militia in Raqqa Countryside

Residents of Shannan village in Syria’s eastern Raqqa countryside took to the streets in protest against the ill-practices of US-backed QSD militia.

The demonstrators also condemned the plundering of the Syrian oil resources by the group in the al-Jazeera region and kidnaping of young men for forcing them to fight in their ranks.

In response to QSD militia’s criminal practices against people and looting of the natural resources in their area, scores of the people from al-Shannan village held the rally, calling for end of the crimes by the militia, local sources told SANA on Thursday.

The protesters cut off the main roads amid a public strike and closure of the markets.

The areas of Raqqa, Hasaka and Deir Ez-Zur countryside witness regular demonstrations in protest against QSD gunmen and their crimes, as well the presence of US occupation troops.

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