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Syria’s air defenses shut down Israeli missiles near Damascus

Syria's air defense systems have shot down enemy missiles to the south of Damascus.

Earlier, the media reported explosions heard over the area, Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Sunday morning.

A military source told SANA that the “hostile targets” were coming from the Golan Heights. The source added that later several missiles were fired by Israel at the eastern Quneitra countryside, which resulted in deaths of three Syrian soldiers and injuries of seven others.

The Israeli regime’s Defense Forces (IDF) has claimed that it attacked Syrian military targets in response to a missile strike from Syria.

The previous month, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported that Syrian air defenses fired at projectiles that were launched from Israeli-controlled areas into southern Syria, coming just after another report a day before about Syrian air defense shooting down a number of “luminous objects” launched from “occupied territories.” Back then, the sound of several explosions was heard in the Syrian capital of Damascus overnight.

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