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Tajik describes detention as ‘ruining my life’ and ‘political game’

Former Iranian ambassador to Jordan told reporters that he will sue UK and US governments for his illegal arrest. “6 years of house arrest ruined my and my family life,” added Tajik.
Nosratollah Tajik, former Iranian Ambassador to Jordan, arrived in Tehran Thursday, from Muscat, Oman, with good offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Oman after 6 years of house arrest in UK for acquiring night vision cameras. He was released after UK declined his extradition to US on charges of breaching sanctions.

He arrived in Muscat from London and received by the Ambassador, charge d’affaire, and the Iranian embassy staff. He arrived in Tehran Mehrabad Airport Wednesday morning by a specially chartered plane from Royal Air Force of Oman. He was received by Hassan Qashqavi, Deputy Minister for Consular, Majlis, and Overseas Iranians of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tajik spoke to the reporters in Muscat. “I am going to sue them because it has affected my health. I am suing the US government for their sting operation against me (related to an illegal arms procurement investigation), which was illegal. It was illegal filming and recording, so it was not a good act, it was an illegal act,” he said.

“I am not going to seek revenge, I just want to bring to public attention the act against a student who is studying legally but they (the US) are doing sting operations with FBI agents which is illegal. So, they should be responsible about the action. Six years’ house arrest destroyed my life, my family life. It is nonsense, destroying an individual,” he added.

“My house arrest ruined my family life. It was a political game. They were searching for a thing which had not really happened,” he said.

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