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Takfiri ideology Saudi-born: Iran’s UN attaché


Takfiri ideology is a Saudi-born phenomenon and it may be high time that the Saudis accepted the consequences of their wrong choices, said Iran’s attaché at UN.

Mohammad Hassani-Nejad said in the third committee of the UN General Assembly, “I am exercising my right of reply on the statements made by Saudi delegation during consideration of draft resolutions L.41 and L.54 under agenda item 72c.”

The full text of his address follows:

First of all, it sounds illustrative that Saudi the bastion of democracy and human rights was consulted by Canada on a country specific human rights resolution. A terrible joke. As if, someone consults the angel of death on the virtues of life.

Secondly, the support expressed by Saudi in its intervention to terrorists, secessionist and terror cults who were once close allies of Saddam Hussein was not surprising to us. However, it should alarm some countries who intend to forget history or the horrible ramifications of their indifference or even tacit support of despots who are exactly following suit the path that Saddam once went.

Thirdly, there seems to be fewer absurd things in the world politics than the Saudis selling their divisive fanaticism and inherent sectarianism as a bright vision for promotion of human rights. After all, the toxic threat of Saudi born Takfiri ideologies cannot be underestimated.

Saudi born Takfiri ideologies act like an invasive species that attempt to uproot all other variations and bring them to the brink of extinction. Saudi government, the unelected royal family, Saudi charities, and Saudi-sponsored organizations are still busy supporting this menace and as a result sponsoring the required hardware and software for extremists around the world.

Saudi money and mindset has produced not only Osama bin Laden, but also 15 out of the 19 hijackers of Sept. 11; sent more suicide bombers than any other country to the conflict zones including Syria after 2003; and has supplied more foreign terrorist fighters to the ISIS than any other country.

It should be quite instructive to recall that the Daesh adopted after its establishment official Saudi textbooks for its schools. Out of 12 works republished by the ISIS [Daesh], seven are written by the founder of Saudi Takfiri school of thought. ISIS [Daesh] and similar terrorist organizations draw their ideas from what is written in Saudi texts and the Saudi principles.

Saudi Arabia, pumping out its rigid and bigoted Takfiri ideology, is undermining pluralism, tolerance and openness and as such, serving as the breeding grounds for mass atrocities, human rights violations and terrorism.

Saudi [Arabia] needs to be stopped of abusing and ridiculing international foram. Saudi remarks in defense of tolerance and human rights are blatant mockery of humanity, human rights, justice and peace.

Saudi [Arabia] can offer its citizenship to Sophia the robot though it has no male companion but cannot forever ridicule the world by distracting attentions from its abhorrent human rights records.

The Saudis cannot forever play the ‘Iran card’ to justify its engagement in wars of aggression, regional bullying, destabilizing behavior & risky provocations and absurdly blame others for their consequences. It is perhaps time for the Saudi to accept outcomes of its wrong choices.

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