Taliban attack leaves 6 dead in Afghan

Taliban attack leaves 6 dead in AfghanAt least six people have been killed and 29 others wounded after scores of Taliban militants attacked a remote police checkpoint in western Afghanistan, authorities say.

According to AFP, between 100 and 150 Taliban members launched a large-scale attack on the outpost in Afghanistan’s Bala Boluk district Friday morning, said Dilghan Khakrezwal, the deputy police chief in Farah Province.
Around 25 police officers and army troops were forced to briefly abandon the post, while the Taliban militants captured a tank and a pickup truck.
Some 70 police and army reinforcements were deployed to the outpost to help repulse the attack.
Six Taliban militants were killed and 29 others wounded including 11 police officers during the fighting, the official said.
The militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.
The incident marks the latest in a series of violent attacks against Afghan security forces.
The Taliban militant group in Afghanistan announced the start of its annual “spring offensive” on foreign forces.

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