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Taliban attack UN convoy in Afghanistan

Taliban militants claim they have killed several United Nations officers after attacking a UN convoy in northern Afghanistan.

The militants seized two vehicles after heavy clashes with police forces traveling with the convoy in Jowzjan province.

A Taliban spokesman said a number of security officers were killed in the ambush. No further details, however, have been released on the fate of the UN staff on board the two vehicles.

Earlier this year, Taliban militants killed six UN workers in the north.

In a separate incident, three American soldiers were injured in a militant attack in the eastern province of Kunar, according to NATO’s press office.

Militants claim they have gunned down 10 US soldiers.

A US army tank was also reportedly destroyed in the attack, which came hours after six American troopers lost their lives in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

NATO says a man in Afghan police uniform opened fire on US-led forces during a training session.

Violence is escalating despite the presence of over 150,000 forces in Afghanistan.

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