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Tehran Welcomes Reconciliation Agreement between Fatah, Hamas

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi welcomed the reconciliation agreement signed between the two main Palestinian movements, Fatah and Hamas, calling it a positive move towards materializing Palestinian people’s goals and rights.
Salehi also appreciated the new Egyptian Government’s role in mediating between the two Palestinian groups.

He said that the factor contributing to the promising unity between the two Palestinian groups is resistance against the Zionist occupiers, and unity among the Palestinians themselves, adding, “Observing these two necessities would lead to the materialization of the Palestinian nation’s absolute rights.”

Salehi also expressed hope that this development would lead to acceleration of the developments in Palestine region and to acquiring great victories in confrontations with the ruthless occupiers.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the reached agreement is the first great achievement of the great Egyptian nation at the international scene, praising and appreciating the new Egyptian Government for harbingering the favorable development.

Salehi also expressed hope that by the opening of the Rafah passage in the near future the oppressed Palestinian residents of the highly populated Gaza Strip would manage to get access to their most basic living needs and humanitarian aides.

Palestinian sources confirmed that Hamas and Fatah have signed in Cairo on Wednesday a deal to end the division and achieve national unity.

Earlier on Wednesday delegations headed by Musa Abu Marzoka, member of Hamas Politburo member, and Azzam al-Ahmad, member of Fatah central committee started talks to reach the long awaited unity deal mediated by the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabeel al-Arabi.

According to sources in Cairo Fatah and Hamas signed the initial deal, while other Palestinian groups will arrive in Cairo within a week to sign the deal as well.

The Islamic movement Hamas is at loggerheads with Fatah, headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, since Hamas won the parliamentary elections in January of 2006. Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip ending months of bloody conflict with Fatah allied security forces. Egypt and other Arab countries attempts of reaching a reconciliation deal between the two largest Palestinian factions have failed so far.

According to internal sources, the agreement will include the formation of a care taker government until elections take place in both the West Bank and Gaza.

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