Tens of thousands flock to east Gaza in massive return marc


Tens of thousands people have been flocking to the eastern Gaza borders since morning hours in a massive march of return which is held on Friday to commemorate the Land Day.

Huge crowds of Palestinians, who participated in the great march to protest at the Israeli occupation of Palestine and expelling Palestinians outside of their country, send a message that Palestinians do not waive the right of return and will not ever give up.

The participants of different ages carried banners demanding the return of Palestinian refugees in diaspora to their homeland, Palestine.

Member of the higher committee for the great return march Thulfaqar Suwarjo said that the march of return is creative and shows the Palestinians’ adherence to their right of return to their land.

He pointed out that most of the participants are of the youth who were thought of by Israeli occupation authorities as going to forget their rights and the Palestinian Question.


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