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“Tens of Thousands of israelis Have No Way to Protect Themselves from Hezbollah Missiles”

Local leaders in the Zionist entity’s north met Monday near the site of a Hezbollah missile strike on an Israeli base a day before, demanding the government implement a stalled program to bolster fortifications for settlements close to the border with Lebanon, Israeli media reported.

The plan, which is estimated to cost NIS 5 billion, was presented a year and a half ago but frozen soon after, Ynet reported.

The Israeli media outlet quoted the head of the forum of local leaders, Moshe Davidovich, as saying that tens of thousands of Israelis have no way to protect themselves if a confrontation erupts other than lying down on the ground and sheltering themselves with their hands.

Amit Sofer, the head of Marom Hagalil Regional Council and host of the meeting, said Sunday’s events, when Hezbollah struck Israeli base of Avivim with two anti-tank missiles, were a “reminder of the importance of increasing preparedness in the area.”

“We need to remember that the events yesterday were on the military front. If it had been the civilian front, we all know what would have happened,” Sofer said.

“The plan that was formulated is a life-saver and we should implement it immediately,” he said.

Davidovich, who is head of Mateh Asher Regional Council, said that Hezbollah was capable of causing widespread damage, and urged the Israeli government to take action.

“We need to make decisions now,” he said, “as the government’s ineptitude in fortifying the north is apparent. The people are living with no adequate shelter, Hezbollah has the tools it needs to cause a lot of destruction and casualties in the area.

“We are committed to the protection of our people and call for the government to get itself together,” he said.

Meanwhile, Giora Zeltz, the head of the Upper Galilee Regional Council, also warned of an impending disaster.

“There’s a real dissonance between the government’s claims and its actions,” he said. “According to the government, more than 100,000 missiles are expected to land from Rosh Hanikra (in the west) all the way to Mount Hermon (on the Golan Heights). Think about the day when those missiles fall on populated areas.”

He added: “More than 50% of the people in these areas don’t have shelters, and when a major event happens there will be hundreds of thousands with no shelter to protect them. We’re talking about a very large area with zero response time. We need to fortify all the public and educational buildings by the end of 2020. With all the stupidity floating around, nothing is happening.”

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