Tens of thousands of people celebrate Syrian Army’s victory in Aleppo city

Saadallah Al-Jabri Square in Aleppo witnessed a mass gathering to celebrate the victories of the Syrian Arab Army over the last few days, including the capture of the last jihadist-held areas in the northwestern part of the city.

Sheikh Ahmad Wais, the Imam of the famous Al-Hassan in the Al-Hamdaniyah District, told Sputnik Arabic that the victory of Aleppo is a prelude to the great victory that will be achieved over all of Syria’s occupied territories.

Tens of thousands of people were filmed and photographed during the celebration, as many waved the Syrian flag in support of the Syrian Arab Army’s victory on February 16th.

The western countryside of the city was the platform that militant organizations used to target the city with tens of thousands of rockets over the past nine years.

Its capture over the past week was celebrated by the people, as it meant the end of the constant attacks on the city.

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