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Terrorist Bombings Rock Baghdad, Kill 11


A car bomb near a main Baghdad square followed by a suicide bombing at a nearby police headquarters killed 11 people and wounded 23 Wednesday, security and medical officials said.

Bombing in IraqA police colonel said six of the dead and 11 of the wounded from the blasts in west Baghdad were policemen.

Baghdad is hit by near-daily bombings and shootings that kill hundreds of people each month, despite the deployment of security forces at checkpoints and other positions across the city.

Violence also struck outside the capital on Wednesday.

North of Baghdad, a suicide bomber struck a main checkpoint north of Baquba, killing an army colonel and three other soldiers, and wounding six.

South of the capital, a bomb targeting a military convoy in Yusufiyah killed at least two people and wounded at least eight.

The violence comes as Iraqi security forces and pro-government fighters battle to push back the Takfiri group ISIL, which has seized significant territory since June.

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