Terrorist counter-offensive in northwestern Hama ends in failure

Terrorists, led by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), attempted to retake several areas from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) that they lost in the northwestern countryside of Hama in the last four days.

HTS and their allies began their attack this morning by attempting to overwhelm the Syrian Arab Army troops near the key town of Kafr Naboudeh.

However, despite the intensity of the attack, the jihadist rebels were unable to crack the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses, resulting in the subsequent withdrawal of HTS from this axis.

According to a military source near the front-lines, the jihadist rebels did not capture any areas and they suffered heavy casualties during their attack on Friday.

The source added that the Syrian Arab Army and their allies are now preparing to storm the key hilltop of Tal Sakher.

The Syrian Army has yet to fully secure the Kafr Naboudeh area because they still do not have control over Tal Sakher.

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