Terrorist ISIL blow up 3 tower tombs at Syria’s Palmyra



Daesh Takfiri terrorists have blown up three famous tower tombs in the world-renowned ancient city of Palmyra in Syria, says the country’s antiquities chief.

“They blew up three tower tombs, the best preserved and most beautiful,” Maamoun Abdelkarim said on Friday.

The destruction of the tombs, including the Tower of Elahbel, follows the demolition of two ancient temples at the site in central Syria in the last few weeks.

“We received reports [of the destruction of the tower tombs] 10 days ago, but we’ve just confirmed the news,” Abdelkarim said, adding that they obtained satellite images of the site, which were taken on September 2.


The Daesh militant group, which controls parts of land in Syria and Iraq, overran the historic city in the central Homs Province on May 21.

The whole city of Palmyra has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, since 1980.

Daesh Takfiri terrorists have ransacked and demolished several ancient sites, shrines, and manuscripts as well as mosques in Syria and Iraq.

Gruesome violence and the destruction of priceless artifacts have become hallmarks of the Takfiri group.

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