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Terrorist ISIS claims responsibility for twin suicide bombings in Iraq

Terrorist ISIS terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombings in central Baghdad on Thursday that killed more than 30 civilians and wounded 100 more.

In a statement released by their media wing, the terrorist group revealed that the two suicide bombers that targeted central Baghdad on Thursday were named Abu Yousif Al-Ansari and Mohammad Arif Al-Muhajir.

The terrorist group boasted about killing the 30+ civilians, calling the victims “al-rafidah” (rejecters), a derogatory term used by the Islamic State to describe Shiite Muslim victims, who they claim are ‘apostates’ (murtad) of Islam.

Thursday’s suicide bombings by the Islamic State marked the first time this year that they have carried out terrorist attacks inside the Iraqi capital.

It should be noted that the twin suicide bombings occurred in the central part of the city, with one terrorist detonating his suicide vest at a popular market and the other a few hundred meters away.

Since the bombings, the Iraqi forces have taken several measures to increase the security around the city and search for the sleeper cells responsible for planning out the attacks.

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