Terrorist israel: Hezbollah might seize parts of Galilee in future war


A senior Israeli official has warned that Lebanese based Hezbollah might capture parts of the Galilee in a future confrontation with Israel, local media reported over the weekend.

“The situation in the north is quiet; we do not assume we are heading towards war,” a senior military official in the Israeli Northern Command told Israeli TV Channel 2.

“On the other hand, there are many developments; there are small things that can create larger events. The instability can develop and erupt into war.”

He continued: “Although Hezbollah is not interested in heating up the sector, in the end, a small event, a small terror attack can develop. The matter needs to be managed carefully.”

The official warned that Hezbollah would try to capture parts of the Galilee in the event of a confrontation with Israel. While he believes the group would be able to seize small parts of northern Israel in a “surprise attack”.

Israeli newspaper reported the official as saying yesterday: “Hezbollah promoted its combat abilities during its war in Syria.”

Israel waged a war against Hezbollah in 2006, which lasted for 33 days. Approximately 1,200 Lebanese were killed, most of them civilians, while 160 Israelis, most of them soldiers, were killed.

Another Israeli military official estimated Hezbollah has around 100,000 rockets, 10 times that of Hamas prior to the war on Gaza. It also possesses 5,000 long-range rockets capable of reaching any part of Israel, with large warheads and precision guidance systems.

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