Terrorist israeli regime execute a Palestinian woman after winning Eurovision award for women’s rights song

A Palestinian woman has died in hospital after being shot by an Israeli Sniper near the Gaza border. The woman murdered today is the 53rd peaceful demonstrator to have been killed by Israeli forces since the 30th of March.

Alaa Asad Al Swafari, a 26 year old peaceful demonstrator, was shot by an Israeli Sniper in the East of Gaza today. Alaa was reportedly being treated in a Gaza hospitals intensive care unit before she was later declared dead by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

This murder comes a day after Israel claimed victory in a Eurovision competition, for a song that claimed to advocate for “women’s rights”.

It seems that the IDF advocate that sung this “uplifting song”, forgot to include that women who aren’t white and Jewish were exempt from the “empowering” message of the song. The singer of the Israeli song was also notably a member of the Navy during the 2014 massacre inflicted upon Gaza.

Israel have killed 53 peaceful demonstrators during the ‘Great Return March’, including journalists, children and now a defenceless woman.

More than 9,000 Palestinian peaceful demonstrators have also been injured during the ‘Great Return March’.

No Israelis have been injured, no Israelis have been killed.

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