‘Terrorists’ aura by eastern borders fortified in aliens’ presence’

61f3626f4a9b929518111736a67dd60f_LAn Iranian deputy interior minister Saturday night said presence of alien forces in the region and by Iran’s eastern borders has led to strengthening of the bandits and the terrorists both in the region and in the world.

According to IRNA, Deputy Interior Minister in Security Affairs Ali Abdollahi added in an interview with Channel 2 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) TV condoled with the bereaved family members of the 17 martyred Iranian border guards and the Iranian nation in southeast Iran.
Abdollahi said “The organized terrorist moves in vicinity of Iran’s Eastern borders have been directed and engineered by the aliens’ intelligence agencies and the sworn enemies of Iran ever since 1995.”
He pointed out, “Unfortunately, the armed bandits in Iran-Pakistan border region are equipped with the most advanced communication and military equipments.”
The Iranian deputy interior minister added that the emerged problem has plagued not only this region, but also the entire world and the expenses of implementing such mentalities have been covered by the countries that support them.
Abdollahi emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran defends the country’s security and integrity with its full might, adding, “The terrorists have fled to Pakistan after committing their recent crime at an eastern border region of Iran.”

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