Terrorists Breach Evacuation Agreement in Idlib, Exit of Militants From Aleppo Suspended



A security source disclosed that terrorists groups’ lack of commitment to an agreement on exit of injured civilians from two militant-held towns in Idlib pushed evacuation of militants and their families from the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo into suspension.

The source said that the terrorist groups that have laid siege on Fua’a and Kafraya towns in Northern Idlib once again violated the evacuation agreement’s terms, leaving negative impact on the trend of transferring militants and their families from Eastern Aleppo.

The Arabic language desk of Sputnik reported that only one bus could take the militants and their families out of Aleppo yesterday and after that evacuation operation was suspended.

The source further added that it was agreed that the last group of militants and their families leave Aleppo in return for evacuation of the injured and patient civilians on 8 buses from Fua’a and Kafraya, but terrorists prevent exit of buses carrying the injured and patients from the two towns in Idlib, violating the terms of the evacuation agreement.

The source went on to say that relevant officials are trying hard to pave the ground for the restart of civilian evacuation from Fua’a and Kafraya.

Based on the latest reports 15,500 militants and their families have thus far left Aleppo and the army has called for faster evacuation of militant from the Eastern neighborhoods to dispatch engineering units to defuse terrorist-planed bombs and mines in the newly-freed districts.

A military source disclosed on Tuesday that a growing number of militants that had earlier called for evacuation from Aleppo refused relocation to terrorist-held regions in Idlib and turned themselves in to the Syrian Army troops, applying for amnesty.

The source said that while over 3,400 militants turned themselves in to the government forces since the army started operation in Aleppo’s Eastern neighborhoods, a growing number of more militants and their families asked for government amnesty.

The militants that applied for amnesty rejected relocation to Idlib.

Meantime, reports said on Tuesday that the army troops urged terrorist groups to speed up their evacuation from Eastern Aleppo as engineering units are preparing to start defusing bombs and mines in the newly-liberated districts as soon as evacuation ends.

The army called on terrorist groups to leave Aleppo along with their families as soon as possible because the engineering units are waiting for the moment to start defusing bombs and mines planted by militants in the newly-liberated districts.

Reports further added that tens of buses and a number of ambulances entered Aleppo’s Western countryside this morning carrying militants and their families.

A group of militants were transferred to the regions of Orum al-Kobra and Kafr Naha and other groups were dispatched to Idlib city.

Tens of buses were in al-Sukri district to take the rest of militants and their families out of Aleppo.

The army soldiers deployed around the besieged neighborhoods in Eastern Aleppo called on the militants to leave the region faster.

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