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Terrorists Confess to Fabricating News for al-Jazeera, Receiving Money to Buy Weapons to Attack Security Forces in Hama

Terrorist Qusai Abdel-Razzaq Shaqfeh, from Hama, confessed to acting as an eyewitness and fabricating false news and videos on events in Syria for al-Jazeera channel- which is financed by US- and to cooperating with foreign sides to form armed groups to attack the army and security forces and citizens.

The 29 year old Shaqfeh said in his confessions presented on the Syrian TV on Thursday that he used to go out on protests and was an activist on the net where he came to know a person from Hama living in Saudi Arabia, nicknamed as “a free Hama citizen”, who provided Shaqfeh with a Thuraya satellite phone to contact TV channels as en eyewitness.

Shaqfeh admitted to lying about the incident of attacking al-Hader police station on Aleppo road when he claimed that a defection and a consequent confrontation took place among the police members, blaming the killing of the members on an armed group which attacked the station.

Among the lies the terrorist conveyed to al-Jazeera channel was his saying that Hama was seized by the army tanks, while he knew very well that at that time the tanks were already withdrawn from the city, in his attempt to distort the facts about the situation there.

The terrorist also referred to his lie concerning the killing of security members whose bodies were thrown in the Orontes River when he claimed that the members were killed by other security personnel who put on costumes that are common in Hama in order to accuse Hama inhabitants of the crime, confessing that “it was gunmen who killed them and threw their bodies in the River.”

Shaqfeh admitted that he received about SYP 2 millions in installments from the so-called “a free Hama citizen”, whom he later knew to be a relative of Adnan al-Ar’our who claims to be a man of religion, which were used in supplying the protestors with food and money and helping them set up the barricades and roadblocks.

He also pointed out that part of the money was paid for buying weapons for the gunmen including machineguns, upon the request of al-Ar’our who called on people to arm themselves.

Shaqfeh said he was also introduced to people who had professional montage programs and worked with them to fabricate demonstrations and send the videos to the TV channels, noting that satellite transmission equipment were sent to Hama and Homs for this purpose through someone called Mohammad Za’tar who was on the Syrian-Turkish border and had a Turkish SIM card.

The terrorist also mentioned that he and his colleagues received instructions from al-Ar’our to watch the army sites, indicating that surveillance cameras were set up near the security centers and important state buildings including the Governorate, al-Baath Party branch, the police center and the State Security branch, which were attacked by the gunmen.

Terrorist Group Member Confesses to Committing Crimes in Hama

The Syrian TV also broadcast confessions of one member of the armed terrorist gangs that committed crimes against police and security forces in Hama, terrorized citizens and sabotaged public and private properties.

The terrorist Omran Abdel Razzaq al-Aqra’, who was born in Hama in 1987, said he took part in various events in the city and was involved in the formation of armed groups. He admitted that members of his group were armed with all sorts of automatic weapons including shotguns, pistols and Kalashnikovs.

“One evening I, along with 200 armed persons, decided to attack the police station in Hama, then we surrounded the building, looted and stole every thing in,” al-Aqra said.

He added that after attacking the police building, the terrorist group decided to kill a civilian claiming that he was cooperating with the security forces; the victim was one of al-Qotma family members who was killed at his house in cold blood.

Al-Aqra’ said when the army entered Hama, the armed group fled with weapons via Mhardeh road and buried weapons in the dust near the house of one member of the terrorist groups.

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