Terrorits flung-back hard in the face of Syrian Army onslaught


The defensive lines of Islamist militants in east Damascus’ Ayn Tarma District, after first beginning to buckle several days ago, now appear to be outright breaking in the face of a remorseless onslaught by Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces, led by the elite Republican Guard.

After several airstrikes early this morning, the SAA, spearheaded by the Republican Guard’s 105th Brigade, stormed southern Ayn Tarma, making a significant advance in the area around al-Kheir market.

Preliminary reports say that the SAA will enter the al-Kheir market area after its troops have liberated all the buildings to the west of it. In any case, the operation is still ongoing.

Furthermore, tactical assessments by sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News put militant losses in the area so far at five dead, including two snipers.

Since piercing the forward-most lines of rebel forces in Ayn Tarma, which until about one week ago appeared to be virtually impenetrable, the SAA and its allies have begun to widen the these initial gaps and drive slowly, but surely, into the heart of the district.

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