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The Air Force capabilities of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon

The Air Force capabilities of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon
The Air Force has been entered in the weapon system of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon since 1987, where a member of the Special Forces in the resistance was able to enter into northern Israel by a light aircraft that was not detected by the radar of the enemy and its iron platforms. The resistor has been able to land near a training Camp in Israel safely, and has killed at least six Israeli soldiers before he was discovered and has become a martyr.
In April 2005, a “Monitor” aircraft flew a distance of thirty km inside the occupied territories of Palestine; it was conducting an exploratory task over the Zionist military sites and this step have a strategic value, and it was able to return to the Lebanese airspace and landed safely after completing its mission without being harmed. The Islamic Resistance has introduced in the waning days of the July 2006 war reconnaissance planes to the north of the occupied territories, but they have been detected by Zionist radar and were dropped by 20 mm machine guns placed on the (F-16) Israeli aircrafts.

However, the recent achievement of the resistance, which was represented in sending the “Jacoob” aircraft to Israel, reinforced the effectiveness and capacity of the resistance’s Air Force, because this plane was able to breach the Israeli railing, to penetrate the Zionist airspace for hundreds of kilometers over the sea and land, and to take this aircraft over to the Zionist air for more than half an hour before dropping it.

Hence, the obvious question that should be raised in this field is how much important is the Air Force of the Islamic Resistance? To answer this question, we should list the follows:

1- The possibility of collecting information on Zionist military and training centers within the occupied territories.

2- Attacking strategic locations inside Israel.

3- Attacking Zionist nuclear facilities and chemical properties.

4- Attack military naval targets (submarines – barges – warships).

5- Attacking large targets such as gas exploration Facilities in the economic waters of the occupied Palestine.

6- It was the first aircraft being launched from an Arab country that violates the Israeli airspace ever since the establishment of the Zionist entity in 1948.

7- Creating a kind of balance of terror between the resistance and the Zionist army, where Israel became aware in advance that the time when it enjoys playing freely in the Lebanese airspace without having any reactions by the resistance has ended, because the resistance can now reply to this act with a parallel one, especially after Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced that the flights within the occupied territories are not the first and will not be the last.

We say finally that the resistance has the right to develop its military capabilities so that to include all fields: the land, air and sea ones. It also has the right to do as Israel is doing i.e. to penetrate the Lebanese sovereignty and airspace, and it has the right also to protect the oil wealth of Lebanon in the economic zone from any attack by the Zionists against our oil wealth, by attacking the Israeli oil and gas fields through the land or air forces of the resistance, and this is to be decided by the leaders of the resistance themselves. Moreover, if we are nowadays facing a new development in the Air Force of the resistance, then we expect the resistance to disclose more surprises prepared for the Zionists in the marine field, too, because the enemy does not understand but only the language of force and of reacting similarly, and this is not something strange, especially after Sayyed Nasrallah announced that he would not regret revealing this surprise because there are many other surprises awaiting the Zionist enemy in any future war between the Zionist entity and the Islamic resistance.

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