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“The biggest insult to women by the West”

Contrary to tyrannical regimes, Islam values women

Contrary to what existed in taghuti regimes – which used to adopt a different outlook towards women – Islam gives women identity. Islam mentions the name of a woman when it wants to give an example of a true believer: “And Allah sets forth, as an example to those who believe the wife of Pharaoh” [The Holy Quran, 66: 11]. This is the first example. “And Maryam, the daughter of Imran” [The Holy Quran, 66: 12]. This is the second example.

The Holy Quran mentions two women as examples of “those who believe”. It also mentions two women as examples of “those who disbelieve”: “The wife of Nuh and the wife of Lut. They were both under two of Our righteous servants, but they acted treacherously towards them so they availed them naught against Allah” [The Holy Quran, 66: 10]. This means that Islam makes women a pivot, a lesson and a mirror not only for women themselves but also for the entire society. It could have chosen a man to enjoy this position. This position was bestowed on women in order to confront the deviant and wrong outlook towards women. This outlook has not always been derogatory, but it has always been wrong.

In Western culture, women are generally viewed as objects and are humiliated

There has always been a wrong outlook towards women. Today, the same wrong outlook exists in the west. Of course, a number of women may become outstanding, honorable and modest personalities in western systems. This holds true for men too. But the general outlook towards women, which has become firmly established in western culture, is an objectifying and insulting outlook.

From the western viewpoint, the reason why women should not wear a chador and why they should not wear hijab is not that it wants them to be free. You say that you can have freedom with the hijab as well. The West has a different opinion. It wants women to entertain men’s eyes and it wants to use them in an illegitimate way. It wants women to a have a special appearance in society. This is the greatest insult to women. Of course, they cover it up with certain beautiful words and they give it different names.

Respecting women means giving them the opportunity to develop their talents​

Respecting women means giving them the opportunity to develop, at different levels, those capabilities and those outstanding and great talents which Allah the Exalted has bestowed on all individuals – including women and the talents which are particular to them. Respecting women means allowing them to develop these talents inside the family, in society and in international arenas and for the sake of knowledge, understanding, research, education and construction.

I see that, by Allah’s favor and grace, this is showing itself in our society in a perfect way. Well, this is related to the basis of the work that the women of our country have thankfully carried out. The fact that they are present in all scholarly areas is very valuable. They have an active and praiseworthy presence, particularly in Quranic groups and in Quranic activities. This is very valuable.

Oct 20, 2009

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