The deputy of Yasser Arafat assures the infiltrating of Israeli Forces to Syria

50f4135dd5168The member of the Palestinian National council Bassam Abu Sharif said that the groups that work under the Islamic flags as al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda organization are exposing the lives of thousands of the Palestinians to danger in al-Yarmouk Camp of Damascus

Abu Sharif reports of western diplomatic sources that” western militaries of the specialized forces infiltrated to Syria to steal the missiles and the new Russian weapon to decode them and know their secrets”

Abu Sharif who worked before as the political councilor to the previous Palestinian President Yasser Arafat in a statement was published in Ram Allah that “ these terroristic organizations are taking positions to open fire on the residents of al-Yarmouk Camp and Palestinian street and 15 street pointing out that hundreds of women and thousands of kids have escaped from the bullets that were fired by armed men to the schools”.

Abu Sharif quotes of western diplomatic that “ team of the Israeli, French and British specialized forces officers have infiltrated to Syria cross the Turkish borders” and he reveals that “ the mission of those Forces is to control over the military airports, which enable them to steal the missiles and the Russian weapons to decode it”

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