The dirtiest game is being played by the dirtiest US and his allies administrations against Syria


The dirtiest game is being played by the dirtiest US administration . Never the World Order has reached such level of immorality and baseness . It is something that we have rarely witnessed before . Not only the thugs of the opposition were using chemical weapons against civilians, but they were taught how to prepare these weapons and were handed the raw material in order to produce them whenever they needed them . This shows that the chemical attacks were not meant to be restricted to a certain area or to target a restricted number of people . In fact , what was in store for Syria was a vast military operation that included invasion by elite squads trained by US in Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan and in other puppet regimes who will take over the capital Damascus .

The extensive chemical attacks were to pave the way for this and give it the legal justification since Syria would have crossed the red line set by the US administration.This explains this great rush of the Israelis to acquire the protection masks knowing that the chemical weapons will be used in this war on behalf of the opposition and that Israelis might be targeted directly or in retaliation .

The chemical weapons had already been used during the month of March in Khan al ‘Assal – near Aleppo -causing the death of 16 Syrian soldiers. They were then used in August , in the Ghouta of Damascus and caused the death of more than a hundred innocent civilians and not of thousands like the media said . The pictures that circulated showing the victims of these attacks were fake and were published on the internet long before the attack took place .

The chemical attacks of Ghouta happened on the 21st of August for the purpose of giving US the pretext to start the war .

The whole world is aware of the fact that US is directly involved in the chemical attacks since it is most probably the rebels-trained by USA and smuggled from Jordan -to the outskirts of Damascus -that used these weapons as a pretext to start a US military operation on Syria .This also explains why Obama is trying to make people believe that the trained rebels were introduced to Syria as early in September the 4th in order to hide the fact that they were introduced just before the chemical attacks took place.

US- it seems- has been caught red handed , conspiring lying and hiding the use of prohibited weapons against civilians . A big conspiracy where lies and crimes and cheat and deceit are mixed together to form a maze that will mislead the public opinion and justify the US hideous war. For this reason, US has to settle for an agreement regarding the Syrian matter as a way out of this controversial involvement in the use of forbidden weapon.

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