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The Islamic Awakening: The Result of Resistance Martyrs

“The outcome of martyr’s blood can be seen in the victories of Hizbullah, and the expulsion of the Zionist regime” said the Iranian defense minister Ahmad Vahidi, adding that “The 22 days war on Gaza’s victory was inspired from the 33 days war and today, the Islamic Awakening is also the result of the blood of the martyrs and the resistance throughout the Islamic World.”

In the second conference of the “Commemoration of Marty Heroes of the Islamic World” in Tehran, Vahidi said that the only pattern for Freedom seekers is Resistance and Hizbullah’s future victories will lead to liberating the occupied lands.

This conference was dedicated to Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Sayyed Abbass Moussawi and martyr Imad Moghniyeh as symbols of the Resistance heroes.
The Iranian defense minister praised martyrs Harb and Moussawi along other leaders for founding the resistance in the peak of plots by enemies. Vahidi added: “The only thing that could make martyr Imad calm, was the dignity of Islam. 26 or 27 years of hunting by enemy’s security apparatus couldn’t stop him from fighting.”
He referred to the unmatched role of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in leading Hizbullah. He said “Some analysts compare him with Nehru and Mandela, but undoubtedly Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is not only thinking about Lebanon, but a higher horizon that is the Islamic World.”

He added “In the Islamic Awakening, nations shall enforce the anti-US and anti-Zionist factors and in this historic twist and with such great leaders like the Supreme Leader, they’ll be able to finish this path.”
Vahidi concluded that “The Zionist regime is at its weakest point, with an exhausted and defeated army, a people that do not know how long their regime will last and its survival is under serious risk. The Zionist regime is on the verge of collapse.”

The other speech of the conference was made by Sheikh Abdel Karim Obeid, the deputy of the social committee of Hizbullah. He said “Our activities started after the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 by Zionists with the lead of Imam Khomeini and on the base of Imam Moussa Sadr’s movement.

Sheikh Obeid expressed sadness that some of the regimes in the Islamic World are still afraid of “Israel”, given the fact that we are “in the situation that the only way out is resistance” and “the enemies are worried about finding Muslims returning to their main sources of inspiration”.
He named the religious leadership under the guidance of Imam Khomeini and then Imam Khamenei and the military intelligence of Imad Moghniyeh as the source of the Resistance victories.
Sheikh Obeid warned of the activities of the enemy to make Muslim youth believe that it’s impossible to govern a country by Islam. He said “they even tried to achieve this through false Islamic regimes such as in Afghanistan.”
He said that “although the aim of the so called Arab Spring was initially a return to Islam, but the United States wants to take advantage and change the course of the events”.
Sheikh Obeid reiterated the role of Iran in Hizbullah’s victory by saying “All Iranians are our partner in our victories. If you hadn’t helped, we wouldn’t have succeeded.”
He added that any future war between two sides will determine the survival of the Zionist regime.
With the presence of Moghniyeh’s daughters, 14 books were unveiled, each with a biography of one of the heroes of the Islamic World.

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